Andrade Uses Asuka & Brock Lesnar As Examples Of Overcoming English Language Barrier


Former WWE Superstar Andrade recently spoke with Hugo Savinovich yesterday, for Lucha Libre Online. They talked about his release from the company, his time there, and more. During the interview, he spoke about the issue of his English and the language possibly being a barrier for him in his WWE career. Since the entire interview was conducted in Spanish, it appears there have been some issues with his comments being translated or being taken out of context.

Based on comprehensive translated notes on the interview taken from the Squared Circle subreddit (h/t user Strike Gently), Andrade is said to have referenced that Raw women’s champion Asuka speaks limited English and is still very successful. While Brock Lesnar speaks English perfectly, he rarely does and usually has a mouthpiece in Paul Heyman. Basically, he was using them as examples on why speaking English is not a barrier for their success in wrestling.

The Lucha Noticias website quoted Andrade as saying in the interview, “Those are excuses, I know the language better than Brock Lesnar and Asuka, I respect them, but it’s the truth. They don’t get buts or criticize them for not speaking English.”

Andrade later responded to the website’s use of that quote, clarifying what he was actually saying. Andrade said (via Twitter translation from Spanish to English), “I did not say that I master the language better than Brock I said that Brock speaks it perfect but he has no need to do so and that Asuka is a great champion and a great fighter and does not need to speak.”

The Lucha Libre Online Twitter account later replied to Andrade’s tweet, requesting Lucha Noticias to correct the mistake. You can view those tweets below:

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