Angel Garza Comments On Being Told He Was Too Young To Wrestle For WWE


WWE Superstar Angel Garza was interviewed by Table Talk where he spoke about how was once told that he couldn’t wrestle in WWE because he was “too young”. He said,

It was a little confusing because we did three or four tryouts before we came to WWE. The first one, it was 2015 or 16, and they said ‘both of you guys are too young, so we’re going to wait. We’ll call you next year.’ That was a soft way to say ‘Bye, bye, we don’t need you. We don’t like you. We don’t want you.’ Next year, we came to Orlando and we did the whole tryout for the whole week and after that it was the same thing, ‘Wait one more year because both of you guys are too young so keep building your names and next year we are going to contact both of you guys.’ We’re like, ‘Okay, this second chance it over, this is like the last chance.’ The next year, they contacted us, but I was signed with IMPACT and I told them, ‘We have to wait until my contract ends.’ After that year, Humberto came first because I was injured with my shoulder, I had surgery on my shoulder and that postponed my introduction to WWE, so Humberto came six months before me and then I came. It was a rough path to walk.

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