Angel Garza Reveals Why He Knew He’d Be Drafted To WWE SmackDown


During a recent appearance on “WWE Espanol”, WWE Superstar Angel Garza commented on being drafted to the SmackDown roster and why he knew it would be taking place. He said,

“When we were looking at the draft, we did not know a thing about where we were going, we were just in the locker rooms looking at what was happening. We noticed that Rey & Dominik went to Raw and saw Zelina move too and we thought SmackDown is staying without Latinos, and 2 things were going to happen: or we were getting drafted over there or Damian (Priest) was leaving Raw. Us two (him & Humberto) were with Damian and we were saying ‘or you leave or we leave’ and then we saw Damian was drafted to Raw and we were 99% certain we were going to SmackDown because there were no Latinos at the moment. When we saw our names for SmackDown, we went ‘we from here now’ and it was a surprise. Like for everyone watching at home, we did not expect to be drafted to SmackDown.“


(h/t – Fightful)

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