Angelina Love comments on her future, WWE polling her name, Davey Richards and more.


In an exclusive interview with Royal Ramblings over at the Huffington Post UK, Angelina Love has spoken about Gail Kim, her life on the road and much more. See below for highlights…

WWE reportedly sent around a list to their fans seeking feedback on notable non-contracted talents. You were on that list – what’s your reaction?

Was that a real list?! I think I only saw someone tweet it towards me, or send it on Instagram but I didn’t know if it was real. If it was, that’s pretty cool that they put me on it! I didn’t know if it was real or not, but that’s great.

Your husband, Davey Richards, has announced his retirement. Does this affect your career at all? What do you think of it?

He’s not retired. He’s not with GFW anymore but he has indie bookings coming up so he’ll still be doing them. I think he just wants to do everything on his terms.

So might the future see you transition to being an agent somewhere?

I think that would be wonderful! Yes, absolutely. I have a lot of knowledge. I do a lot of seminars and everyone seems to find them beneficial. I love teaching people and helping people get more of this thing that they love, which can be very hard to get. So, I think that would be a wonderful future position.

What about film and TV work, some of which you’ve done before?

Outside of wrestling, I have. I’d do that forever. I love the entertainment business period. I’ve done a pretty good amount of acting in Canada and I love it. I would jump on anything acting wise that was given to me, it’s super-fun.

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