Angelina Love Explains Multiple Departures From IMPACT Wrestling


Angelina Love was once a staple of IMPACT Wrestling. As part of The Beautiful People, Love was a huge part of the then-TNA’s Knockouts Division. Love is also a former Knockouts Tag Team Champion as well as a six-time Knockouts Champion.

However, Angelina had a few exits from the company on her path to becoming one of the more legendary homegrown talents they ever produced.

In a new interview with Fightful, Angelina explains those exits in more detail:

My visa issue came up, that was my first absence. The second time I left, it was just not working for me at the time, and there’s a crazy story that goes along with that. I know they were wanting to do the Beautiful People thing again, and reprise that there. We did that, I got pregnant, so I was still under contract and doing hair and makeup backstage. My contract ran out about the time that I gave birth. Then we came up with the cool storyline with (Davey Richards, Alisha Edwards & Eddie Edwards). We did that, and I kind of realized that was not going anywhere once we came to the culmination of it — then I asked for my release.”

To read more excerpts and see a video of the interview, click HERE.

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