Angelo Dawkins Downplays High-Flying Skills: “I’m Ground-Based Entertainment”


Angelo Dawkins may have been taking to the skies more as of late but he isn’t changing his move-set to match Montez Ford.

While Ford can often be found soaring through the air or hitting a picture-perfect frog splash, his Street Profits ally has been the more grounded of the two.


While speaking with Fightful, Ford christened his tag-team partner ‘Lucha Dawks’ due to Angelo’s recent high-flying, a name that Dawkins disagreed with. He said,

“There is no Lucha Dawks, I am ground-based, alright? Ground-based ENT.”

Ford dismissed the idea that Dawkins’ recent high-flying has been an attempt to one-up him as the superior member of the team.

In October 2022, it was reported that Dawkins’ work ethic and matches have been impressing WWE officials.

Despite Dawkins’ claim, Ford refused to give up the nickname and went as far as to chant ‘Lucha Dawks’ later in the interview.

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