Animal Says The Steiners Would Not Haven Beaten The Road Warriors In A Shoot


In an interview with Hannibal TV, Road Warrior Animal responded to comments from Scott Steiner that the Steiner Brothers would have defeated the Road Warriors in a shoot fight. Below are highlights and video:

On the Road Warrior’s matches against The Steiner Brothers:


“I think we had solid matches. Definitely believability because we’d kill each other.”

On Scott saying The Steiners would beat The Road Warriors in a shoot:

“Oh bullsh*t. By the time they’d go for a single leg they’d be knocked out. As soon as you dive we’d punch you down in the back of the head. Listen, Just cause Hawk and I were street guys, doesn’t mean I didn’t do ammeter wrestling when I was younger. Now was I at a level of Scotty or Rick at ammeter wrestling wise? They would kill us and Scotty is right. But if it’s real I’m not gonna sit there and let a guy go leg dive on me. I’m either gonna kick him in the face or punch him in the head, and so is Hawk. So a street fighter any day of the week you’d see – look at UFC. A lot of the guys that win are not wrestlers. Some guys are though. Steiner brothers are two good guys man I will never have anything bad to say about either one of them.”

On his favorite Tag Team to watch throughout the years:

“Steiners are right up there. There’s a lot of not really well Tag Teams. The Horseman were phenomenal. Midnight Express, the Rock N’ Roll express. So underrated as far as Tag Teams go. The Heart Foundation – come on. We wrestled some monster teams. The Briscoes, the Funks. The Funks beat us up all over Japan. There’s a lot of great teams but I think The Steiners have got to be the top of that tier.”


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