Animal Talks Laurinaitis vs. Punk, Kidd Looking for Partner


The older brother of John Laurinaitis, Road Warrior Animal has shared his thoughts with on a potential match between the 2 men.

Animal said: “It’s one thing to be popular in Japan, and it’s another to make it in the U.S. That’s one thing that eats John from the inside, deep in his gut. I think he carries animosity over that, because he never got to be ‘the guy’ in the U.S. the way that CM Punk is today. I think he’s getting on Punk’s case because Punk is living the dream that John wishes he could have accomplished.”

Tyson Kidd has revealed that he wants to become a huge tag team star in WWE and has been searching for a new partner recently.

Kidd told Slam! Sports: “I’m a big fan of tag teams again. I’ve been looking, scouting (for a partner). I’ve done a couple of matches with Johnny Curtis and Justin Gabriel. When I teamed with Justin, I thought we gelled perfectly. Even with a guy like Trent Barreta. I think we could give a Hardy Boys type of feel.”

Kidd also spoke on his self-belief as a pro wrestler: “I know it might come across as arrogance. I’m sorry, but I know I can outperform a lot of people. But when the (door opens), I’m going to kick it in… People have said it before, but if it’s not your goal to be at the top, what are you doing this for? I’ve set a bunch of little goals that I hope to accomplish. And right now, the tag team scene is what I want to do”

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