Anna Jay Reacts To Making Her Relationship With Jungle Boy Public


While appearing on the Women’s Wrestling Talk podcast, AEW star Anna Jay talked about her and Jungle Boy deciding to go public with their relationship.

The feedback they received from fans was mostly positive: “We actually got, for the most part, pretty positive feedback. Wrestling fans, I feel like a lot of the time don’t love relationships in wrestling. But yeah, we got positive feedback and a lot of feedback. So I was a little shocked. We’re more private too, so I feel like that’s been like one of the only things that we’ve put out there. So it was kind of a big moment and like you said, I feel like no one really knew or had any inkling of us even being together. So it was definitely I think like a WTF moment for everyone.”

Jungle Boy decided to post the photo of the two of them after his match with Kenny Omega to not have any distractions before the big moment: “I feel like it was more him. I think he has said this too. He had a match with Kenny Omega and he was thinking about posting a picture. We had it for a little bit, like a few weeks and he was like ‘I think I might post it after the match’ just because he didn’t want anything to take away from that because it was a huge moment for him. I was like ‘okay, like, this is on you.’ Because he was posting it, not me. So we did put a little thought into it, but once that happened, we were kind of like ‘okay, that’s all we need to do. Now people know we’re together,’ and that’s kind of it.”

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