Another Ex-WWE Star Upset w/ Turkey Comments


Former WWE performer Vito LoGrasso (a/k/a Vito) responded to listing him among the seven biggest turkeys to ever trot the squared circle.

He stated Friday on Facebook, “A lot of people are upset with the WWE today. They spoke of me in a negative way which put the fans in shock. How would they post something like this on a holiday?! I have a family and the kids are all upset. I thought they had an anti-bullying policy.”

The former WCW World Tag Team Champion posted dozens of messages on Twitter chastising his former employer for their bullying tactics. He added, “If you ever been bullied you know how it feels. Good night Joey Styles, where ever you are.”

Vito also reacted to being labeled a turkey in an interview with Steve Gerweck. He says he plans to take the matter to GLAAD and TMZ, pointing out the hypocrisy in WWE bullying him.

Former WWE talent Nick Cvjetkovich (a/k/a Kizarny) shared similar sentiments regarding his former employer’s demeaning piece as he called it “a dick move” in a YouTube video Friday.

He added on Twitter, “So much for anti-bullying @WWE @JoeyStyles. Receiving tons of positive messages is the only thing that saved my Thanksgiving that u wrecked!”

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