Another Excellent Sting Interview Where He Discusses Joining WWE, Has He Met Vince McMahon?, More


I know you all wanted another
Sting interview, so here you go! The Icon spoke with Grantland about being in WWE 2K15 and more. Check out the

On how it feels to
finally be part of WWE:
“It’s an honor. It’s something I always hoped
I could do — to somehow or another be a part of the WWE family in some capacity.
And here I am.”

On if there are any
plans for him to be on WWE TV:
“I’ll just say that I’m all in and very
willing to participate. Believe me.”

On his favorite guys
of the current generation:
“I’m a strange breed. When I got into the
business I really didn’t know anything about wrestling. I never watched
wrestling on TV because we didn’t have it in the area of Southern California
where I grew up. So it’s amazing that I even ended up wrestling. I still don’t
watch a whole lot. Thirty years and I never really watched anything — I never
even watched myself. I’m just now at a place where I’m like, “Let me start to
learn some of these newer guys coming up.” I always heard that when John Cena
started, a lot of people looked at him as the new Sting. That was flattering. As
far as some of the new guys, I love the look of Roman Reigns and I think he has
all the ability in the world. Daniel Bryan, I’ve seen him perform. Bray Wyatt,
I’ve seen him. Unreal what they do.”

On a potential
Undertaker match:
“Absolutely. I would love to have that match. I
think for wrestling fans it’s a dream match, but really it’s been a dream match
of mine for a long time, as well. I know that the streak was taken away by Brock
Lesnar at this last WrestleMania, but I hope [Undertaker]’s not done. I don’t
believe he is. And if he is going to be around, I’m hoping for an

On the WWE 2K15 Raw
“One of the interesting things I read about the promo video was
that for anybody who thought the generational gap would be not in Sting’s favor,
well, we can put that to rest. The way the crowd reacted was amazing — and even
the younger kids who don’t know who I am. The painted face, that video — I’m the
sort of guy who’s really hard to please, but when I saw that video, with the
violins playing, it was great.”

On if worry about
how WWE would handle him led to him not signing on in 2001 after WCW
“Honestly, back then I probably did make rumblings like that.
But the truth is that I had a contract with AOL/Time Warner. WWE didn’t assume
those. I had 18 months left on that contract, and AOL had to pay me the money
they owed me, and they did. I also did an audit for merchandise and got another
lump of money there. After 18 months, I had a conversation with Vince. Long
story short, when I spoke with Vince it was great, then when the attorneys got
involved it wasn’t so great. It never materialized. I let it go at that

Sting also noted that he’s never met Vince McMahon face to face.

On if he regrets not
signing with WWE sooner:
“Yeah, you know what they say about
hindsight. I can look back now and wonder why I didn’t do this earlier. But it
is what it is, and I’m excited right now. It’s like Vince used to say every time
I came close to signing but never did: ‘Don’t forget to cross your t’s and dot
your i’s, and someday we’ll do business together.’ And here we are. It’s a video
game, but that’s for starters, and we’ll see how it develops from here. I’m glad
it turned out the way it did.”

On how many more
matches he has in him:
“One more match. That’s what I’m hoping to do,
and I’d like it to be Taker, and then I’ll hang it up.”

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