Another Live Report From Last Night’s Royal Rumble


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I would just like to start by saying I have been to countless wrestling events over the years. However, this was my first PPV live, my favorite PPV of all time, and it all fell directly on my birthday. My excitement couldn’t be tamed…until I watched the crap-fest that was the 2014 Royal Rumble unfold live before my very eyes. I wasn’t alone in my disappointment, as I am sure the viewers at home were able to hear.

Bray Wyatt vs. Daniel Bryan was an unbelievable match and a hell of a way to start a PPV. Bray came out looking like a stud. Catching Bryan in a Sister Abigail on the outside to counter the suicide dive will be etched in my memory forever. The crowd was hot the entire match and rightfully so. Daniel Bryan is beyond over.

Brock Lesnar defeated The Big Show with 702 chair shots in what seemed like 45 minutes. The crowd couldn’t have cared less about the outcome. The only real pop was for Paul Heyman’s endless supply of chairs.

The WWE World Heavyweight title match really held the crowds attention as they were on the edge of their seats waiting for the next exciting sequence of moves by each illustrious superstar. By that… I mean the crowd chanted for the following: Daniel Bryan about 14 times, JBL, Y2J, Cena Sucks, This Is Boring, You Both Suck. Also, a fairly impressive wave broke out. The ending near falls did finally get the fans attention and the unexpected Bray Wyatt attack on Cena had a lot of fans talking.

The Royal Rumble match itself was pretty much a let down as well. Everyone knew Punk would be the star for most of match but no one believed he would win. He got the second biggest pop of the night, easily. Kane botched his return to screw Punk by destroying the barricade when he tried to sneak back to ringside. He was also about a half hour early. Kofi’s jump was impressive but nothing compared to his previous stunts. Nash got a huge reaction. Batista winning drew tremendous heat. The crowd was emphatically behind Reigns. The lack of Daniel Bryan really infuriated the fans even more.

Afterwards, Batista started badmouthing the crowd and then finally started up the ramp. Half-way up, he stopped and was interacting with a fan that had flipped him the bird. After two minutes of jawing, Batista returned the gesture with a bird of his own and continued to walk up the ramp of shame.

The crowd was pissed from start to finish and made sure the WWE heard about it. This may have been the worst booking I have ever seen since becoming a wrestling fan over 20 years ago. WWE really took a step backwards instead of looking to the future with it’s Rumble winner. It was depressing. Even the merchandise stands sucked unless you want Cena’s terrible shirt, a fake Daniel Bryan beard, or Rey Mysterio’s newest mask or shirt abomination. If you wanted C.M. Punk or Ziggler gear, only one of the ten merchandise stands may have had one item available and it was sold out almost immediately

WWE announced they will be returning to Pittsburgh in June for Smackdown. It would take a lot of work on their part to get me to spend money on their product again.

Biggest Pops

* Daniel Bryan

* C.M. Punk

* Daniel Bryan

Most Heat


* Everyone not Daniel Bryan

* Batista winning because he is Batista

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