​Another Live Report From Last Night’s WWE RAW


Credit Tyler England and

-The crowd was really hot for the Superstars taping and
the start of Raw. Batista quitting received a lot of “yes” chants from the

-The tag match was also well worked. The crowd was into the match
and there was a lot of Bad News Barrett fans.

-The Damien Sandow bit
about Stephenson received massive heat from the live crowd. People in my section
were genuinely getting pissed about it because Indy just lost to Miami in the
conference finals. Big Show got a massive pop and the crowd chanted “knock him
out” before he did.

Bo Dallas vs. Kofi Kingston was a decent match. The
crowd booed Bo for his line about the Pacers, but a lot of people still don’t
know how to react to the character.

The Stephanie McMahon and John Cena
exchange was well done. Cena got a mixed reaction like always, but more people
cheered by the end of the promo. The match with Kane was solid. People were
chanting “Tombstone” at the end of the match but still popped for the stair
spot. After this segment, the show really dragged on in the

-Zeb Colter cut a pre match promo about how horrible
Indianapolis was and how Indiana is allowing illegals across its borders. The
promo concluded with a huge “We The People” chant along.

-Adam Rose is
getting over. People love humming along with his entrance music and people were
even humming it during the match.

-The Divas match was all crickets
except during Nikki Bella’s entrance.

-The Uso Brothers and The Wyatt
Family had a good tag with lots of high paced action. The crowd loved

-The MITB qualifier was a good match. Alberto Del Rio gets no
reaction whatsoever these days.

-The Russian celebration was very
confusing. No one really understood what was going on. The crowd booed all the
Russian praise but popped for the confetti. A lot of people took some confetti
home with them.

-The end of the show really shocked a lot of people. I
don’t think anyone saw it coming, and I think there was more money in The Shield
as a group. I don’t know when the show went off the air, but Roman Reigns and
Dean Ambrose sold for about ten-plus minutes.

-The dark match saw John
Cena defeat Bray Wyatt again. A lot of people left before the main event. Wyatt
got a massive pop because this was his only appearance in front of the live
crowd for the night. Cena won with the AA after a ref bump and Wyatt
accidentally struck Erick Rowan with a kendo stick.

-WWE returns to
Indianapolis on Monday, November 24 2014 for a live Raw, which will be the
fallout show from the Survivor Series pay-per-view. The presale code is “WWEPRE”
(yes, it really is WWEPRE). Tickets are available on Ticketmaster through the
end of the week.

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