Another Live Report From WWE’s Night Of Champions


Credit: Matt Cail and

I read the earlier report of after the PPV Crowd giving Cena an ovation after the Night of Champions PPV went off the air. What wasn’t mentioned is that since Cena got the pin before the reversal of the finish, the crowd popped huge and really thought they saw a title change.

Right before the main event, there was a fan not sure if he was a plant or not handed out signs black signs saying Cena sucks to ringside fans facing the camera. Just as he finished and right before CM Punk’s music hit, most were confiscated.

The match itself was different then any Cena-Punk match. I loved the fact Punk didn’t do any Randy Savage tribute for the elbow and loved the new trucks.

After the reversal and belt shot, Punk and Paul Heyman stood on top of the ramp. The show went off the air. Most of the crowd stood there in shock.

I have been to hundreds of shows. I can’t remember a crowd in this day and age, believing that their hometown hero was the new champion. By far one the best non Wrestlemania PPV matches in long, long time

The crowd was split in the Ziggler vs. Orton bout. I didn’t see the Orton incident you mentioned.

Live, fans hated the women’s match. There was almost no reaction to Eve winning.

As you heard, the live crowd loved Daniel Bryan and Kane. The backstage Gatorade bath got a big pop from the crowd but since it was taped.

Fans love Zack Ryder – his reaction was just as big as Santino Marella’s during the pre-show His win got big reaction.

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