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Another Name Brought Back To Be Part Of Triple H’s Team


Since taking over WWE’s creative department, Triple H has rehired a number of former wrestlers and members of his team from when he was in charge of NXT.

The most recent person to return to the company is Gabe Sapolsky. 

He is reportedly back with WWE and will be working on creative, although it’s not clear if this is for the main roster or a return to WWE NXT 2.0, according to

Sapolsky was just one of the many individuals on Triple H’s NXT team who the company fired in January. Additionally, Ryan Katz and Road Dogg were on the team that was fired before being rehired.

Publishing the ECW program gave Sapolsky his first job in the wrestling industry, and he soon ascended to the position of Paul Heyman’s assistant.

Before starting Dragon Gate USA and EVOLVE, Sapolsky was the first booker for Ring of Honor. He established EVOLVE as a prominent independent wrestling promotion and a base for NXT while serving as its promoter. Later, WWE acquired EVOLVE, and Sapolsky started working as a consultant for the NXT division.

He had been producing segments and working on the creative side until his WWE exit.

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