Another Off-Air Fan Report From Last Night’s RAW


Credit Andrew Vega

I was at the RAW taping last night and wanted to add a few notes about the show.

Firstly, yes, there were chants for CM Punk, and they were some of the loudest I’ve heard (and yes, I took part in nearly every single one).

Also, before his match with Daniel Bryan, Christian attacked him, and during the break, cut a promo about how he was wanting “one more match” and how he will be the next WWE World Champion. He was booed tremendously during this promo and during the match, as normally people cheer for him.

Cena and Cesaro got nice pops during their match and fans went crazy at the end of the show when the huge brawl broke out and afterwards when all the faces hit their moves on Dean Ambrose (the sole heel in the ring at the time was Cesaro). There were huge pops for Daniel Bryan and Ultimate Warrior, cheered a bit for Roman Reigns/The Shield and The Wyatt Family, and people seemed to boo the most for Christian.

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