Another Post-RAW Report – Jim Ross Appreciation Night


Credit: Kevin and WO

Kane & Bryan continued to argue until Kane offered a hug. Crowd chanted “Hug it out” and they did. Crowd loved their whole shtick all night.

Immediately after the show Roberts announced Sheamus & Punk; both looked really tired, especially Sheamus. Punk stalled, they ran a couple of moves, and eventually Punk hit Sheamus with the belt for the DQ. Punk challenged the crowd to chant “Best in the World” but they chanted “Brogue” instead and Punk ate a kick.

Punk and Heyman left and Seamus stood JR and raised his hand for the crowd. Then the crowd went nuts as Mr. McMahon’s music hit and he came to the ring. Vince looks really old. Vince actually made a nice speech about JR, calling him the best announcer ever “including Gordon Solie” and pointed out his dedication to the business, from recruiting talent to “joining a certain club” in this very city. Vince went to leave, but HHH’s music hit and the crowd went crazy again. HHH said a lot of the same stuff as Vince and said every boy in the back wants JR to call his match. He then brought out Danny Hodge and Bill Watts to say a few words, and showed taped messages from OU coach Bob Stoops and Jerry Lawler (with a raspy voice). HHH brought almost the entire crew from the back for a standing O on the stage and Sheamus presented JR with a glass sculpture declaring JR “Voice of the WWE.”

The crowd chanted “thank you JR” and he actually got a little teary. He gave a nice speech about being a fat kid from Oklahoma who worked 19 years to get to the top of his game and encouraged all the kids staying out late on a school night to follow their dreams and do what they love with a passion.

Nice way to end the evening and great for JR to have a moment in his hometown where he doesn’t get beat up or humiliated.

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