Another Reason Why The Talks Between WWE & Rey Mysterio Fell Out


It was recently reported here on eWn (click here to read) that WWE was hesitant in signing former World Heavyweight Champion Rey Mysterio, because Vince McMahon did not want anything to do with Mysterio’s “manager” Konnan due to past issues.

A new report coming from the Wrestling Observer Newsletter is stating that Rey Mysterio’s talks with the WWE fell out because Mysterio couldn’t decide what he wanted to do. Rey going to GFW means that he would have freedom to do side projects and other ventures because at this stage of his career, he would not be able to work the WWE schedule. The report also noted that Mysterio spoke with WWE hoping that they would offer him a deal with limited dates.

Also, Konnan reportedly stated that he had not negotiated with WWE on Rey’s behalf like he has with GFW and if Mysterio did decide to go to the WWE, then Konnan would let the former World Champ negotiate for himself.

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