​Another Report From What Happened After RAW


Thanks to Dave Hancock for sending in this report:

As Raw went off the air, HHH, Randy Orton & Seth Rollins continued to
hover over Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose. For a while, they were preventing the
trainers and medical staff from tending to Reigns and Ambrose. HHH and Rollins
shook hands in the ring and HHH repeatedly slapped Rollins on the back and
shoulders as they all walked up the ramp, together.

The dark match main event saw John Cena pinning Bray Wyatt after an AA. The
crowd was VERY into Bray Wyatt. WWE has a true superstar on their hands. Prior
to the match, he connected with the fans, asking, “Tell me, Indianapolis! Would
you like to see me kick John Cena’s ass?”. He then was saying he was a god, and
a god chooses when he fights… Cena goaded him into entering the ring, when the
bell rang and Bray was almost counter out. It was a relatively short match, but
Harper and Rowen got involved and we saw a few close finishes.

Crowd went home happy. All in all, a solid show!

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