Another Ringside Report From Last Night’s WWE RAW


Thanks to reader Jeff for sending this along…

I was in Montreal last night, sitting at ringside, and here are some things that I noticed surrounding Jerry’s incident.

Obviously, Michael Cole seemed really concerned the whole time, often shaking his head and talking to the director and people in his headset. Camera guys and Justin Roberts often came to see Michael to get updates on Jerry’s condition.

In the crowd, we didn’t know much about the situation, but the moment I knew it wasn’t good at all was during Michael’s second to last update. After he finished his speech, the camera guy gave him a thumbs up as to say ‘nice speech’ and Michael just sat back and put his two hands on his face.

Also, when Michael Cole gave his final speech, Cena who was in the ring grabbed the mic to say something to the crowd but the ref rushed in to tell him that Cole was talking to the camera. Cena asked the ref how Jerry was doing, and when he told him about his condition, Cena put his hand over his mouth, looked really concerned, gave the mic back to ref and told him ‘I’m out’. He went to shake hands with Bret and the crowd and that was it.

There was an advertised WWE title dark match between Cena and Punk, but for obvious reasons, it didn’t take place. The Pat Patterson segment also didn’t take place.

So that’s it. Let’s hope it turns out good for Jerry.

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