Another WWE Budget Cut – Independent ‘TV Extras’ Payrates Decrease – Details Inside


According to sources, WWE is
reportedly making a budget cut move that will affect independent

WWE has reduced the standard
day of pay to independent workers who appear as extras for television from $200
to $100. WWE often selects several local independent performers to be extras on
the various TV shows as backstage extras, Rosebuds and other roles. If they are
used in a match or a more physically demanding role, the pay is usually more.
Word is that pay grade may also be reduced.

This reports follows the
stories from earlier this week, claiming that WWE was looking to make more
budget cuts before revealing tomorrow’s Q2 earnings report. After the reveal of
the WWE Network subscriber numbers (667,000) and the reality that WWE would not
be meeting financial projections, there were reports that the company was
looking to cut upwards of $20 million from their budget.

WWE is expected to announce mass layoffs
tomorrow or Friday after they report their earnings for the second quarter,
along with the WWE Network subscriber numbers. The number going around is that
ten percent of the WWE staff will be let go. This could be due to the
performance of the WWE Network.

Usually when a company reports lower than expected
numbers they announce layoffs to prevent Wall Street from selling off the

There are many people who work in the office that are
extremely worried.

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