Another WWE Tryout, Major Issues For A WWE Venue, Linda


— Independent wrestler Smith James was among those evaluated by WWE officials at this week’s television tapings. James is a student of Taz.

— The Nassau Coliseum in Uniondale, Long Island, which has hosted several WWE moments (Wrestlemania 2, the first Saturday Night’s main event, Brock Lesnar’s first WWE title win and more) suffered a massive loss yesterday after The New York Islanders announced they are leaving in 2015 to go to the Barclay Center in Brooklyn. Local politicians have said that if the Islanders leave, the cost of keeping the older arena open would go to the local taxpayers. It’s very possible that the venue will close soon.

The Journal Inquirer in Connecticut ran an article stating that of all the state tax credits given to WWE, the company sold 93% of them through a broker to other entities. WWE’s Brian Flinn was quoted as saying the credits were “in excess” of the company’s tax liability, so they sold to other companies wanting to offset their own tax liabilities. WWE has been getting the credits because they are in the best interest of shareholders. The reason it’s being reported is because Linda McMahon is running for Senate.

The newspaper also reports that the people behind the documentary “Wrestling with Manhood” have complained that WWE was censoring material from the film. The film came out almost a decade ago, so it’s very likely the accusation is being made to get attention for the film. The documentary looks at the WWE Attitude era and how it affects bullying and harsh treatment of women.

— For those who may have missed it yesterday, Ringside Collectibles interviewed AJ Lee after her signing at Ringside Fest this weekend:

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