Anthony Greene Comments On Returning To The Indies, More


During a recent appearance on the “Left My Wallet” podcast, former WWE Superstar Anthony Greene commented on his return to the indies following his WWE release, and more. You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On making his return to the indies: “Going into the day, I was super calm, very stress-free. Once I was in the locker room and putting on my gear, it was ‘go time.’ I felt like I had a lot that I needed to prove. No fan knew that I was on the show. It was completely unannounced. I felt like I had a lot to prove to myself and pro wrestling. Right before I went out, Ace Romero filmed the moment, and right then and there, I knew it was “go time” and all the butterflies are fluttering and it’s the most insane feeling. I feel like I’ve heard the ‘bitter wrestler’ (saying) ‘Oh, it beats anything I’ve ever done in WWE,’ but it’s a feeling. It’s euphoric where, when I did go through the curtain, it was better than anything that I’ve ever done in my career. Ever. I thought my peak to that point was signing my WWE contract. Going through the curtain that night, nearly bursting into tears, tops everything I’ve done.”

On how he plans to reinvent himself following his WWE run: “I do have a different mindset. I’ve always been one to try something new and I thought evolution is important, whether it was being All Good Anthony Greene or being a frat boy in a tag team to figuring out the Retrosexual and even finding a more family-friendly version of that in WWE. I don’t know if the nickname ever really caught on, but there were using it in writeups for 205 Live where I was going by The Life of the Party August Grey. My biggest way coming back is to not being looked at as ‘former WWE wrestler August Grey’ or being looked at as a nostalgia act with Retro AG. Though the mustache will stay, I wanted my presence and look and everything to come off differently. It’s going to be a more serious version. The best way I can explain it is The Alternative Anthony Greene. It’s as if Retro AG had the biggest chip on his shoulder, which I do. I always wanted to go to WWE, I did that, now I’m coming back to the Independents to live everyone else’s dream as the best Independent wrestler in the world.”

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