Anticipation High For Rock Promo + Ex-Writer Talks Critics


— There is said to be a ton of anticipation among WWE talent and crew for The Rock’s promo tomorrow on RAW. Everyone wants to see how he responds to Cena’s semi-shoot promo from last week.

— Former WWE creative writer Seth Mates reacted on Twitter to the apparent jealousy within WWE circles of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson being successful in Hollywood. “Talking point: let’s say WWE Films had been a success. Don’t you think VINCE would have done same thing The Rock did – leave for Hollywood?” he wrote. “Vince has conquered wrestling over and over. If he’d smelled blood in Hollywood, he’d have already handed the keys to the kingdom to HHH and Steph.” “The jealousy towards Rock isn’t for him leaving. It’s that others can’t.”

— The latest episode of WWE Vintage Collection highlights the 2001 Invasion angle—WCW wrestlers attempting to take over the World Wrestling Federation. Matches and segments featured include: Vince McMahon announces he has purchased WCW (WCW Monday Nitro – March 26, 2001), Vince McMahon firing Jeff Jarrett (WWF Raw is War – March 26, 2001), Shane McMahon becomes owner of WCW (WWF Raw is War and WCW Monday Nitro – March 26, 2001), Survivor Series Elimination Match – The Rock, Chris Jericho, Big Show, Kane and Undertaker vs. “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, Kurt Angle, Shane McMahon, Booker T and Rob Van Dam (WWF Survivor Series 2001).

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