AOP Explain How Wrestling Entertainment Series Is Different To Other Promotions


The new Wrestling Entertainment Series promotion will feature things never before seen in the industry, the promotion’s co-founders have claimed.

WES is the brainchild of former WWE tag team AOP, who will also be working on the card.

Sitting down with Wrestlezone, the pair discussed the differences WES has. Gzim Selmani (Rezar) said:

“We’re not like any other wrestling organization. A lot of people will see that after our first show, it’s going to be something that hasn’t been seen before in wrestling, it’ll have a lot of different changes to it.

“For example, we’re going to have pre-and post-fight conferences, we’re gonna have stare-downs the night before the fights, before the matches … It’s a good twist, something new that we think the wrestling industry needs.”

The promotion has faced issues already, with several ex-WWE names announced no longer appearing.

CJ Perry (Lana) Lina Fanane (Nia Jax) and Adam Scherr (Braun Strowman) have all been pulled from the show, though Fanane is still being used in promotional material.

WES has reportedly sold very poorly, with 350 tickets selling at the Motorpoint Arena in Nottingham, England, which can hold 10,000.

WES’ debut show will take this Saturday, July 9.

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