​Apollo Crews Comments On His Athletic Background, Signing A Contract With WWE, The NXT Title


During a recent interview on Sam Roberts’ Wrestling Podcast, WWE NXT Superstar Apollo Crews discussed signing with WWE, working for NXT and more. Here are some highlights from the interview:

On Getting Signed to WWE: “It was always a goal [to make it to WWE]. Like, the reason I did start working on the indies and doing those things before I got here was to get here, so it was cool. At the time I was asked to come here, I didn’t even know if WWE knew about me.”

On His Athletic Background: “I took gymnastics as a young kid. I could always flip. I’d be on my bed or whatever, trampolines, just doing the most random stuff.” Crews continued, “[people] are harsh as kids. I wish I had my mentality now when I was a kid because, right now, I wouldn’t really care what people thought back then. But, back then, I cared what people thought, so I’d take gymnastics [and other kids would say], like, ‘ah, naw, that’s not something a guy should be doing,’ just teasing me [and] picking at me for doing that.”

On Preferring to be a Solo Performer: “I like being solo. Like even when I did things in high school [or] even in team sports, there’s something about just depending on yourself. Like, when you’re out there, it’s you versus this guy and you know that you are your only chance of survival. I thrive off of that.” Crews continued, “Definitely, I’d love to have [a manager]. I definitely wouldn’t mind that. It would be pretty cool. I think there could be some interesting things we could do there too, so that would be cool. Tagging, I wouldn’t mind it, but I do love singles a lot more, but a manager would be cool, actually. I could see that though.”

On Wanting to Win The NXT Title: “I don’t want to miss out on the moments. Like, I want to remember everything. Triple H said before, ‘no matter where we go from here, we’re going to look back on this moment and it’s probably going to be the greatest time in our life’. I don’t want to look back and be like, ‘NXT, I loved it, but it just went by so fast’. I want to enjoy every [moment].” Crews added, “I have goals that I set and I want to accomplish everything I can here possible. For me, it’s amazing because my tryout was a year ago. Like, day one, I said I was going to come in here and my goal is to be [NXT] Champion, so for me to be in this spot is an honor.”

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