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NewsApollo Crews Comments On The Undertaker’s Longevity In Wrestling, More

Apollo Crews Comments On The Undertaker’s Longevity In Wrestling, More



During a recent interview with Vicente Beltran, Apollo Crews commented on The Undertaker’s longevity in pro wrestling, being captivated by his entrance, and more. You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

On The Undertaker’s longevity in wrestling: “He’s done so much for wrestling, you know? He’s generational. Like, my dad watched him, I watched him as a kid. My dad is still watching, I’m still watching, so I think it’s such a cool thing. I have yeah, I’ve spoken to him. Not too deep, personally but I have spoken to him before and he’s very cool. Very awesome human being, you know what I mean? But I still look at him and I still see the man I saw as a little kid. You know it’s just, how can you not? He did kind switch of switch over to the ‘American Badass’ for a while, you know, and then comes back to the ‘Deadman’. But at the end of the day, it’s, he stood that test of time. It’s crazy to believe that career that he’s had. One can only dream to have a career like that, you know what I mean?”

On one of his favorite moments involving Undertaker: “I’ll tell you what. We were in MSG and he had a match that night in MSG. I can’t remember, it might’ve been with AJ or a six-man or something. Either way, he was getting ready to do his entrance and he had everybody just captivated, you know what I mean? Once that gong hit, I was just standing there watching. Just the kid inside, it didn’t change any type of way that I felt. That to me is so impressive. You know, I don’t think if anything could ever happen like that again for anybody. But man, I mean his resume speaks for itself.”

(h/t – Wrestling Inc)

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