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NewsApollo Crews Reveals The Advice John Cena Gave Him, Talks New Character

Apollo Crews Reveals The Advice John Cena Gave Him, Talks New Character



During the latest edition of the “After the Bell with Corey Graves”, Apollo Crews commented on the advice John Cena gave him, his new character on SmackDown, and more. You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On John Cena pushing him to figure out his character in WWE: “When I first got to the main roster, at the time, John Cena was still working. He’d always pull me aside and be like ‘Who is Apollo Crews?’ At the time, I’m like the most generic [wrestler], and it’s so embarrassing when I even think about it. It’s like ‘I’m this guy, I work hard and ….’ He’s like, ‘Everybody works hard, but who are you?’ I couldn’t answer to save my life, and it literally took me six years. I’m trying to figure out who is Apollo Crews, and I didn’t know. I felt so embarrassed to the point where I’d almost avoid trying to have conversations with him because I know he’s going to ask me again today and I don’t have an answer for him. You got John Cena asking you these questions, and I’m sitting here like I can’t come up with it. It’s pretty ridiculous. So, I realized it’s not always about how good you are in the ring, it’s what drives this person and who are you.”

On his new character on SmackDown: “It’s like we found something that’s more than just here’s a guy that smiles and does cool moves. Now we have a purpose. Now it’s something for people to get behind. Now I sit back and I’m like, man, it took me this long but I get it. I have such a better understanding for certain things now that I can now explain to other people that may be dealing with the same thing I’ve been dealing with. What I’m excited about now is to show what I know I’m really capable of. It’s not just some guy who’s athletic. I can really be a top player. I believe that deep down in my heart, and I’m ready to show that.

“I’m very, very excited for this new opportunity and this process. I’m so glad. This might be the best thing that happened. You see some of the top guys, and they had to take that leap at one time. It’s stepping outside the comfort zone and trying this out. I feel this is different, and I don’t feel like this is one of those start-stop moments where it’s like we’re going to do something with you. I understand now there has to be that depth and purpose and people have to understand why you are the way you are. It’s different, and it feels really good.”

(h/t – 411 Wrestling)

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