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NewsApollo Crews Teasing Faction Idea With Commander Azeez

Apollo Crews Teasing Faction Idea With Commander Azeez



WWE Superstar Apollo Crews was interviewed by Wrestling Inc as he discussed the potential of forming a faction (stable) with Commander Azeez, and more. You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

On working with Azeez: “It’s been good. It’s nice to see him grow because he was thrown into a situation where a lot of people could have sunk. He’s doing very well and he’s growing, and I love seeing it. He’s also helped me, sometimes we get complacent, a lot of times we get complacent, so he’s helped me leave that comfort zone again and challenged me to do new things, so it’s great.”

On working in a tag team: “It’s fun, so I never got to do them a lot with Titus. We did some stuff with Titus Worldwide, but not on the level that we are doing now, so it’s fun. It’s nice to try new things, and it’s different but a good different.”

On a possible stable with Azeez: “And that’s the thing, there’s still time for that though, who’s to say that can’t happen. If I can add someone, I am going to the women’s side and I’d have to go with either Bianca or Sasha. Imagine one of those two, imagine that. And then, I might have to steal the old Hurt Business members, Shelton and Ceddy. When you talk about talent, those two, it doesn’t get any better than that.”

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