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NewsAEWAR Fox Discusses Training AEW's Jade Cargill, Alan Angels & Anna Jay

AR Fox Discusses Training AEW’s Jade Cargill, Alan Angels & Anna Jay



On a recent episode of AEW Unrestricted, AR Fox spoke to Aubrey Edwards and Tony Schiavone about signing with AEW. The veteran wrestler discussed training talents on the AEW roster as well as how welcoming the locker room has been.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On some AEW talent that he has trained: “People that I’ve trained, mainly, is like Alan Angels, Anna Jay. I was one of the first schools that Jade went to. Then she finished up and carried on with the Nightmare Factory. Shawn Dean. That might be it that’s on the main show. A lot of people have been on Dark. I had six people that I’ve drained on Dark just this last week. Probably over time there’s about twenty people I’ve trained at Dark.”

On the presence of Jade Cargill: “Even though she was new at it, she just has an aura about her. She came from doing like a tryout already, she ended up here. She was like ‘yeah, I need more training.’ So she came here and she started telling her story, and her experience, and everybody was listening to her talk. She came in and already had like, an aura about her. She’s super-impressive athletically. We were pretty impressed.”

On first impressions of the AEW locker room: “I already knew more than half of the guys, so it was super welcoming there. Let me tell you this. The locker room was so nice to me that when I first did my first Dark, I didn’t realize that when you do Dark, you don’t go in the main locker room. I was only doing Dark, and everybody was talking with me and joking and laughing. I have my stuff down. The spots are kind of limited in the locker room. I’m just used to wrestling and going in the locker room, and putting my stuff down, dumping everything everywhere. Yeah, everybody was super nice.”

On how welcoming top AEW stars have been: “Aubrey, you went out of your way to make me feel welcome there. Mark Henry, went out his way to make me feel welcome there. Regal was there at the time, he went out his way to make me feel welcome. Everybody as soon as they see me. I’m still being quiet and stuff in AEW, but on the indies whenever I’d see people from afar I’d be like ‘ayoooohhh!’ Always trying to bring people up. Some people remember that, like Eddie Kingston, he’s seen me from afar, remembers that, dappin’ me up. I haven’t felt like anybody being cold or bitter to me. Everything’s been positive when it comes to the locker room. Seeing the bigger names like Jericho and Claudio and Bryan Danielson, seeing them more and more, now they always say what’s up to me, joke and laugh.”

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