Arn Anderson Addresses The Importance Of AEW Collision


On the latest episode of “The ARN Show,” WWE Hall of Famer Arn Anderson discussed the upcoming premiere of AEW Collision, which is set to feature the return of CM Punk on June 17 at the United Center in Chicago, IL.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:


On AEW Collision launch: “Well, it’s an exciting time for the business. It appears to me that you know a few changes, roster changes back and forth here have made it interesting. Now we have another show which will feature more talent that you haven’t been seeing hopefully and that’s going to be interesting. Just that Saturday night format is going to remind a lot of people about you know Saturday Night Wrestling and we’re excited about it and. The company. And the business entirely. I’m going through another growth spurt and that can’t be a bad thing.”

On his new book: “I haven’t been excited on this level. It’s a different kind of buzz. It’s just like Christmas Eve. You know what I mean? You’re getting something. You thought you knew what it was going to be, but until you sit down and look it over, you’re not sure. Hopefully, everybody that wants to get one. We’ll find it and find a place to get one, and yours will be first on the mailing list there buddy.”

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