Arn Anderson Comments On The Anonymous RAW General Manager Angle


Arn Anderson gave his thoughts on the anonymous RAW General Manager angle during a discussion with Conrad Thompson on the “ARN” podcast. The duo were commenting on Summer Slam 2010 when the subject was presented to Arn.

“[It was] hokey. Yeah, it was bad,” Anderson admitted. “It was bad. You can’t have some phantom guy that’s got all the authority, that’s booking all the matches. It takes that stretch of believability and it goes way, way, way too far. And I think it just did.

“It was cute for a week or two but it still didn’t make sense unless you’re going to have a reveal, and you never had a reveal. It’s just ‘blink blink’ and that was the GM that nobody knew who it was, making career decisions on people’s lives.”

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