Arn Anderson Comments on The Revival’s Release From WWE & Their Future


During the latest edition of his “ARN” podcast, Arn Anderson commented on The Revival’s WWE release, where they might wind up, and more. You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On his reaction to The Revival’s WWE release: “The laugh you just had is exactly what I did. Matter of fact, I got a message from [Scott] Dawson the night before … and he said, ‘About 9 AM, there’ll be some good news show up.’ And that’s all he said. Well, 9 AM it hit. It surprised me a little bit that they would let them go scot free. That’s the way it should be.”

On the team’s prospects outside of WWE: “I would think they would be the hottest commodity in the business right now. And I think everybody is gonna be vying for them. Whoever ends up eventually getting them will a much better company for it. They are the most unselfish, giving guys I have seen come along in a long time. And they have that same mentality that Tully and I and the Horsemen, the original Horseman in the Barry Windham version you know, that we had. And that was go out and steal the show, and make everybody in that arena just blow themselves up either cheering or booing during that match. And I think these guys have the talent, the ability. Wherever they land are gonna be a very, very lucky company.”

(h/t – 411 Wrestling)

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