Arn Anderson

Arn Anderson Hasn’t Been Cleared for Physical Angles


WWE Hall Of Famer Arn Anderson was recently interviewed by Fightful to talk about several professional wrestling topics.

Here are the highlights:

Being cleared to wrestle:

It’s funny. When you’re in corporate, whether it be a company or a conversation or whatever the deal may be, certainly there have been questions even since I left WCW and came to WWE. “You think you can work?” You think you can have a few matches?” And those questions were coming from some pretty high places. The reality is the stuff with David Flair, and anything that I did post-surgery was done without me being cleared.

I tried to get cleared to do some stuff towards the very end of WCW and I actually left television one day. They had something they wanted me to do, flew back to Charlotte, my doctor / surgeon actually took the time to examine me, looked at me and said, “Arn, you don’t understand. I will never, ever clear you to wrestle. So we can end this conversation.

WWE asking him if he could wrestle:

So I jumped back on a plane, the same day now, and flew back to where television was. I wanna say it was Rockford, Illinois, which is not an easy place to fly in and out of. I had to drive back and forth to Chicago, I think, to even get back there for television. And that put the kibosh on ever, with WCW, ever doing anything legally.

Let me just put it to you, I guess it would fall under legally. The stuff I did with David Flair, anything you saw me do physically after that, I was not cleared. And everyone knew I wasn’t cleared. So when we get to WWF, at the time, which is now WWE obviously. There were a couple conversations and it was just brought up, “I am not cleared. I would be happy to do whatever you would like, but I’m not cleared.” And of course, they weren’t going to take on that responsibility.

His podcast:

Well, for yourself and everybody else that’s out there: Hey guys, I’m feeling my way through this podcast and I want to do a good job for you. I want to answer any questions that you have. Nothing is off limits. Almost, I guess, nothing. So if you got any suggestions for me, hey, get ‘em out there for me. Get on social media and let us know what we can do to make that product better for you. ‘Cause I’ve had some very respectful and very encouraging comments from people that I’m seeing. They’re enjoying it so far. So, let’s keep it up.

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