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Arn Anderson On The Brain Busters In WWE, Vince McMahon, & Cody Rhodes



On a recent episode of his Ask Arn Anything podcast, Arn Anderson commented on he and Tully Blanchard being instructed not to use the four fingers Four Horsemen signal in WWE, Vince McMahon not being open to non-WWE creations, and Cody Rhodes’ return to the promotion.

Tully Blanchard
Tully Blanchard

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

Arn on he and Tully being told to not do the four fingers: “The first night we [Tully Blanchard and Arn] walked out in a WWE arena, everybody in the building was doing this [four fingers]. And we didn’t know, we weren’t told, so we did it back. Place went crazy. When we came back through the curtain we were greeted, and said… no more. Do not do the four fingers, do not acknowledge it, do not refer to it.”

On Vince disliking things he did not create: “Rather than build on that momentum that [Vince] already had, he had a red hot commodity walk into his company, they wanted to squash it and start over, because it was not their creation. Now how foolish is that? It’s like you’re on [TV show] Naked and Afraid. You’re trying to make a fire. Okay, the fire flames up! You get one ember and scoot it over here to the side, and throw a bucket on the big fire. “I want to do this on my own. So we’ll stick with the ember, we’re just going to throw the bucket of water on the fire over here that is flaming.”

On Cody Rhodes surprisingly coming back to WWE as the American Nightmare: “[Cody] came in red hot. It’s common sense to you and I, or anybody else. Ask fifty people out there, what would have been the wise decision? Bring him in and call him something else, start him over with a brand new name? How many times you seen that? They got it right, and it’s gonna pay them dividends. It already has.”

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