Arn Anderson Reveals The Black Scorpion Angle In WCW Failed, More


During a recent episode of his “ARN” podcast, Arn Anderson commented on the Black Scorpion angle in WCW back in 1990 and why it turned out to be an epic fail.

“The Enforcer” recalled the outfit and how terrible it looked, Jim Herd’s personal dislike of Ric Flair, and more.


You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On what he remembers about the creation of the Black Scorpion: “It was a terrible idea. The outfit looked terrible. There was no real direction on where it was gonna end up. I think it was just plugging holes on TV each week. Ole was the voice. [imitates Ole] “Stinnnnng.”

On Jim Herd’s personal dislike of Ric Flair: “[Jim] Herd had had enough of [Ric] Flair by then. [Jim Herd was] a pizza salesman! He wasn’t in the wrestling business. It was a personal deal. He tried to tell Ric what to do; Ric said no, I got a contract, ironclad. It just built and built and built. He wanted to cut Flair’s hair, put a diamond earring in, and call him Spartacus. It was a clash of johnsons.”

On Arn’s philosophy of doing what he was told to make a living: “I just remember, I did what I was told. No matter how stupid I thought any of it was. What are you going to do? I’ve left the only other place [WWF] I could make a good living. I’ve left there, so I’m here. That’s the only other option. Ride it out.”

On the disappointing reveal that Flair was the Black Scorpion: “[It was a] popcorn fart.”

On why it was a failure from the beginning: “I would have never went that route. It was a failing proposition from the beginning. The outfit looked cheap. Just plain black tights, plain black top, plain black top. It looked cheesy. It looked like something you could buy down at the grocery store. It just was the shits. The only way that works is when it is a huge star from another company walking in the door for the first time.”

On who Arn thinks would have been a good Black Scorpion and great opponent for Sting: “Curt Hennig. Very talented. If you could’ve had a good looking outfit… Even though once you pulled the mask off, he’s going to go back to being Mr. Perfect in some fashion. If you had had a real star under there, and had a luchadore outfit to throw you off. Like it was gonna be Mil Mascaras or somebody of that nature. And then it turned out to be Curt Hennig? Now you got something.”

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