Arn Anderson

Arn Anderson Shares Who Came Up With Name For Evolution Faction


Arn Anderson revealed during the latest episode of “ARN” on that he came up with the name for the Evolution faction consisting of Triple H, Ric Flair, Dave Bautista, and Randy Orton.

Here is what he had to say (H/T to 

“I named them. Vince had us all in there when he listened to us. This was back in a time prior to Randy or Batista or (John) Cena getting their push. He had this new group of talent he brought in from the schools and said, ‘Guys, who are going to be our stars of tomorrow? Who do you guys think so far that has it?’ It was Cena, Randy and Dave.”

“That’s what everyone pretty much agreed on. So Cena was going to be split off by himself. I think the company saw an opportunity to take Dave and Randy who needed to have more seasoned talent guiding them which could be Hunter and Ric. They saw an opportunity because those guys looked like a trillion dollars together when they came through the curtain, all four of them. They were dressed to the nines. It was a good combination of old and new and he had a chance to get a couple of new guys over really quick. I thought that concept worked. I thought those guys worked really well together and it worked.”

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