Arn Anderson Talks The Reason The nWo Adding More Members Didn’t Work


Arn Anderson discussed why the nWo adding more members didn’t work during a recent edition of ARN

Here is what he had to say: 

“You’ve got to look at when Hogan came down that aisle. Tony Schiavone’s voice in the background, ‘Hell yeah he is! Hulk Hogan is here.’ And for it to go so far left from where you thought it was gonna go – the impact of Hulk Hogan as a heel with those other two guys, and a lot of thought was put into how were three guys gonna basically take over a company? There were a lot of closed-door meetings because you had to think about it. It’s a great concept, the place went apeshit, and it was the talk of the wrestling industry. It was red-hot at the time. But now you’ve gotta go, ‘OK, on a weekly basis, I’ve got a hundred people on this roster. I’ve got three guys that have basically went to war against those hundred guys. How’s this gonna make sense?’ So, you had to put some serious thought into it.

“My thought was, had that not happened, what would you have done at that point in time if you needed a shot in the arm for business? What would it have been? It’s one of those things where it worked. They added another guy – I believe it was The Giant. So, you added a couple of layers to where now – they pissed a lot of people off, so they’re getting another layer of protection around them. That made a little bit of sense. But as it went on and you started moving guys over, each time you moved a guy to the nWo, I think you watered it down. More was definitely not better. It just continued, and you went into the nWo Wolfpac and everything got watered down.”

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