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NewsArn Anderson Talks Why Roman Reigns’ Babyface Run In WWE Did Not...

Arn Anderson Talks Why Roman Reigns’ Babyface Run In WWE Did Not Work



Arn Anderson talked about why Roman Reigns’ run as a babyface didn’t work out during the latest episode of the ARN Podcast.

“One of the things I did learn from Vince early on is, don’t shove a baby face down the peoples necks if they’re not going to accept it because they’ll regurgitate it,” Anderson said. “We got away from that theory and we quit listening to our audience because they will absolutely tell you what they want.

“I used Kevin Owens as an example. When he beat Cena, the first show he was on, the audience was 90% behind Kevin Owens. That week, creative should’ve sat down and went: I don’t care what you have written down for the next week or month, this guy is a baby face next week. Doesn’t mean we change his style of work, just means that we put him in a position to be the favourite in the match. It was so crystal clear that was what they wanted, give it to them.

“The fact that Roman goes out there and spears five guys does not make Roman more of a baby face,” Anderson said. “It makes him a God, and he’s not earning his position or push. He’s just out there running through guys and the audience smells it and they don’t like it.”

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