Arn Anderson Talks Why WWE Shouldn’t Have A Steroid Or Marijuana Policy


Arn Anderson discussed why WWE shouldn’t have a steroid or marijuana policy during a recent edition of ARN

Here is what he had to say: 

Arn Anderson on whether WWE should have a steroid or marijuana policy: “No. Number one, if you’re gonna use steroids, use them under a doctor’s care and use them, ya know, if you’re healing injuries and those types of things. That’s what they’re there for, that’s what they were manufactured for. If you allow the talent to use them the right way, you won’t have the abuse because nobody will be sneaking behind anybody’s back trying to do something that’s not within the company policy. The pot thing is a joke. You can walk in how many states today and just walk in and buy it and walk out the door? It’s perfectly legal, right? To have a policy that’s against something – that would be liking saying ‘OK, don’t go in and buy a bottle of Jack Daniels, we’re gonna have to fine you for that.’”

On wrestlers needing an escape due to the grind of the business: “Guys have to have an escape in this business. The travel, the beating your body up, the being away from home, the trying to go to get into your hotel room and wanting to call your wife and talk to your kids and it’s the middle of the night and you can’t wake them up because it’s a school night. There are so many different things that go through a guy’s mind when he’s on the road 250 days a year. His body’s beat up, he’s tired, and he just wants to get some rest. If a guy wants to smoke a perfectly legal substance in today’s world, certainly don’t turn around and charge him $2,500 bucks a pop for doing it. You’re saying ‘We’re not gonna fire you, we’re not gonna suspend you, but here’s the punishment’ like somehow that makes it right.

“Hell, let the guys have their pot, let a guy have a cocktail if that’s what he chooses to do on his own time. Now, it’s up to the individual to not get popped in those states where it’s not legal where it’s still a crime. If you’re still foolish enough to not govern yourself and watch after yourself and not get in trouble over it because there are still people in this world who believe pot is a drug. There’s a lot of negative vibes that go with that. People don’t have their thinking up to snuff, I would say. It’s a new world, and marijuana is recognized as doing a lot of good for a lot of people, and it should just be something that’s accepted as long as you don’t get yourself in a sling over it.

(h/t – 411 Wrestling)

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