Arn Anderson Wanted A Twenty Year Wrestling Career


Arn Anderson told The State that he imagined himself wrestling another five years if he hadn’t been injured and talked about his retirement night and more. Check out the highlights:

On his last match: “The fans gave me a warm send off. They didn’t know it was coming, and I didn’t even know it coming. That was something I decided on that day. It was time.”

On how long he would have continued if not for injury: “To be honest, I had hoped to have a 20-year wrestling career and call it a day a wealthy man. I was going to walk away in one piece, but that wasn’t the case. I was so fortunate that I paid attention to the inner workings of the industry. That afforded me a backup and allows me to work with all the young talent.

On current wrestling travel schedules: “What they call off days now are travel days and trying to get home as much as you can. The schedule they have now is actually harder than we had.”

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