Aroluxe Reportedly Not Involved With This Week’s iMPACT! Wrestling TV Tapings, DCC Breaking Up, & More



TNA iMPACT! Wrestling held two TV tapings at Universal Studios in Orlando, FL on Saturday.


The company taped a Knockouts One Night Only pay-per-view earlier this afternoon and they are taping more iMPACT! Wrestling broadcasts tonight.

According to sources, Aroluxe has had “absolutely no involvement” in this week’s iMPACT! Wrestling TV tapings. There has been no sign of Jason Brown or Ron Harris at the TV tapings either. At one point last year, Aroluxe, which are a production company, were very close to taking over TNA Wrestling altogether under the Dixie Carter regime. They had been getting a percentage of the company in lieu of payment for their services and reportedly came extremely close to foreclosing and owning the company. With no sign of them at this week’s iMPACT! Wresting TV tapings, it appears they are no longer involved. The regular local production crew was utilized but they were overseen by iMPACT! staff, not Aroluxe. During the sale talks in 2016, there was a plan for Anthem to own 85% and Arouluxe to own 10%, leaving Dixie Carter with the remaining 5%. Instead, it would appear that after everything Aroluxe went through, they are out with Anthem taking complete control and charge.

TNA will be splitting up the DCC group in the coming weeks. The split will likely lead to a more traditional presentation of James Storm as the Cowboy again.

Aron Rex was not at this week’s iMPACT! Wrestling TV tapings as he is currently filming a movie role.

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