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NewsAron Stevens Recalls Getting Bumped From The WrestleMania 29 Card

Aron Stevens Recalls Getting Bumped From The WrestleMania 29 Card



Both Aron Stevens and Tyrus are enjoying success with the NWA. Stevens is a former NWA National Champion, and Tyrus is the current NWA Worlds Champion. But there was a time when both men were not as valued on a wrestling card.

While Stevens was performing as Damien Sandow in WWE, he was scratched from WrestleMania 29. CM Punk and The Undertaker had a hot feud at the time, so Stevens’ match was cut in order to give the two superstars more time. Tyrus, then known as Brodus Clay, was set to compete in the same match, resulting in his appearance being scrapped, as well.

Speaking with, Stevens recalled the snub and how Tyrus reacted. He said,

“It sucked! But I will say this: Tyrus or Brodus … he handled it cooler than anyone I have ever [seen]. We’re there, we are lined up. They [Tyrus and his partners] were getting ready to go out first, and Tyrus is right there. Vince drops the news on us. And I knew what was going on because I saw the disappointment and it was this horrible thing. Tyrus simply just turned [laughs] and started walking, and walked out of the arena. And when I say ‘out of the arena,’ he was past the parking lot, he was in the street. He came back and a woman who worked at MetLife Stadium said, ‘Sorry, can I see your ticket?’ And he just looked at her and said, ‘Really?’ That was it.”

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