Ashley Vox Would Love To Work For NWA & Impact Wrestling Again


In an interview with Fightful, Ashley Vox (pictured on the right) spoke about possibly working with the NWA and Impact Wrestling again, after previously appearing there with her partner Delmi Exo as the Sea Stars. Here are the highlights:

On working with the NWA again:

“Absolutely. If they come back, yeah. I’m down to be a part of it. I’m not under contract. So, any big place that asks me to come and work, I’m going to take that opportunity. It was a good mix. It was good because we had Melina as a vet and Thunder Rosa whose been wrestling for years on the independents, but also has done Lucha Underground and other stuff. Then you have up and newcomers like Tasha and I. We have a couple years in, but we’re not that level high of years.”

On previously working for ROH:

“Got good feedback. A couple things I needed to work on. You know, at that time, it was like, ‘You’re just learning as you’re going.’ A couple of things I needed to work on. Great environment again. Those girls were great to work with. I got to do their tryout where they opened up their new school. So, I did their first tryout there. Which was awesome. Got to wrestle Kelly (Klein). It was fun, you know? But, nothing in the works with them. Just another great experience there. I felt comfortable. I was excited that it was going to be with her because she’s so easy to talk to. So great. Actually it reminds me, too, like what you mentioned with the pandemic, I was actually gonna do a tournament for Ring of Honor right after Mania week and of course pandemic happened. So, there was gonna be something else for me with Ring of Honor, but COVID.”

On returning to Impact:

“Nothing in the works right now. We’re just going with the flow. Delmi and I have always been known for going with the flow of things. If it happens, that’s awesome. If it doesn’t, just keep grinding. Keep going forward.”

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