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Atsushi Onita Credits Britt Baker For Women’s Wrestling Featuring In FMWE


Atsushi Onita recently revived his old FMW (Frontier Martial-Arts Wrestling) promotion, under the new name of FMW-E. This move marked the first time that an attempted revival of the promotion had been seen in a few years. And now, Onita the founder of the company, has attributed Britt Baker and Thunder Rosa’s Lights Out match as the reason women’s wrestling will feature in the company.

Speaking to Inside the Ropes, Onita had this to say:

“I saw Britt Baker’s match at AEW a while back. It was bloody and it was gutsy and it was cool. When I entered CZW there was a good hardcore woman[s] wrestler, and a few years ago at WrestleMania WWE also focused on women. If motivated women get together, I would like to do an explosion deathmatch for women wrestlers.”

This is not the first time Onita has attributed an AEW match as a catalyst within the company, having previously stated that it was Kenny Omega vs. Jon Moxley that caused him to bring back the organization in the first place.

Moxley’s current entrance song is The Troggs’, Wild Thing, a song that Atsushi Onita made famous in wrestling. You can check out arguably Onita’s greatest ever entrance below.

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