Atsushi Onita

Atsushi Onita Says The AEW Revolution Botch Drew American Fans To His Promotion


During a recent interview with Tokyo Sports, Atsushi Onita commented on launching his FMW Explosion promotion earlier this year and said the botched finish of the Kenny Omega vs. Jon Moxley Deathmatch at AEW Revolution brought in some fans from North America to watch his show. He said,

“At the time of AEW, I sent a cheering message, but AEW prepared for the current blast independently, and I was not involved at all. However, as a result, the fans were disappointed by the sloppy blast. I was also disappointed and felt responsible, but thanks to the salty blast of AEW, fans all over the United States re-evaluated me. This time, the original current blast nationwide. I’ll surprise the professional wrestling fans. AEW, this is the real current blast of Made in Japan!”

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