Aubrey Edwards Discusses Feedback From Earl Hebner


Aubrey Edwards did an interview with CBS Miami where she discussed working with Earl Hebner and more.

On feedback from Earl Hebner:

“So after the match at All Out with Jericho and Page, I walked to the back, and I’m just kind of like, “Oh my God, that happened.” And I see Earl, and I’m like, “Do you have any feedback?” He goes, my feedback is, “I’m going to put my resume together, because you might’ve put me out of a job. He’s a sweetheart. Super supportive guy. I’m thrilled and blessed, whatever word you like.


Grateful. I could come up with the adjectives all day, but to have him on our team and be able to learn from him and get feedback from him, it’s like he’s Earl frigging Hebner. Right? It’s insane. But everyone’s got their favorite refs. I have my favorite referee, who is Bryce Remsburg. He’s the GOAT. I love him. I’ve taken so many things from him when we were on the indies and then now we’re working together every day. It’s great.”

On female referees in wrestling:

“Right now, I’m not dancing anymore, but now I’m training the next generation of refs up in Seattle. And seeing things like what I’ve done with making women referees a thing. Jessika Carr’s done a lot for NXT, and then I’m kind of doing the same thing for AEW. But my entire ref team of students, I’ve got one guy, and I’ve got four girls. Literally in my last independent show we had four women referees on the roster. Completely organically, it’s not like we planned it, but it’s literally that’s what you have because representation matters. And being able to see people that look like you in media is really important.

“There was a bit. There’s always been a handful here and there, you just had to really find them. I know there was a couple over in the UK, there’s a couple on the West coast. Becky, who’s one of my favorites actually, came from this area, like MCW. I think she’s doing some work with Ring Of Honor right now, or she was. But I know for a fact, one of my students actually saw me at Double or Nothing. There was this incident where the bell rang early in a match and I was firm, I held my two. I’m like, “Nope, it is not over. This match is still going.” And it was chaos. It was insane. Most of the girls didn’t speak English, so trying to tell them like, “No, the match is not over. We are still going.” It was just pure, pure chaos.

“So she reached out to us shortly after and says, “I did not realize until that moment that referees could be characters. So I looked up who Aubrey Edwards was. Found out she was in Seattle.” She’s in Portland. She drives three and a half hours once a week. So seven hours total to come train with me for two hours a week. It’s insane to know that like, “Oh my God, I really can’t mess up.” Right?

“Because now it’s like I have someone who’s investing all, and she got to debut recently. So it was fantastic to watch her, and she’s just so great. She’s killing it. I love it.”

On her schedule:

“I’m not working too many Indies. I just worked my home promotion, 3-2-1 Battle up in Seattle. They’re the guys that trained me. They’re who I work with to train the next generation of refs up there. It’s a really fantastic place. The organization in its current form, it’s been running like five or six years. We’re kind of this underground punk rock, weird wrestling vibe. It’s great. So I’m working there because they did a lot for me to get me where I’m at. I’m kind of doing my thing, paying it forward.

Giving back to what they did, but I’m also helping them grow more. I’m working their shows every other Friday. I’m working at AEW. So that’s like fly out Tuesday, work Wednesday, fly back Thursday. I’ve been working a long time. Doing games is hard because there’s a lot of crunch,, we’ve all heard the stories who work in the two jobs of games and reffing. I’m excited to enjoy my time off right now. I get to hit the gym a lot, which is great.”

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