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Audience Members Allowed In At Fyter Fest, Testing For COVID-19



We have learned that a select group of wrestling fans were allowed to attend last night’s Fyter Fest at Daily’s Place. According to Pro Wrestling Sheet, a number of select fans were invited to attend the show. These members were not apart of AEW’s roster, crew, staff, etc. No testing for COVID-19 was conducted with these fans, much to the surprise of many.

A person who claimed to be an audience member shared details of the protocols taken in a post on Reddit. The member allegedly stated that at least 60 non crew members attended and were required to wear masks before walking past the outside gates. They had to sign waivers stating they hadn’t been exposed to anyone with COVID-19. Unlike the AEW staff members, these fans were not tested for the virus. Keep in mind, this post has since been deleted on Reddit and has to be taken for a grain of salt at this point.

The Pro Wrestling Sheet spoke to various AEW sources as AEW claimed those fans were invited as locals from Daily’s Place and sponsors for the Jacksonville Jaguars team. These people were allowed to bring family and friends to attend the show. They were placed in the “upper bowl” section of the arena. The reason for AEW not testing these members was due to them being far away from the ringside or backstage areas, therefore little danger if any would’ve been transferred to those seated in that section.

To elaborate even more so, Daily’s Place has a large “buffer zone” between people who were tested and those who weren’t tested (but still received a temperature check). The spacing allowed was within’ CDC guidelines and didn’t violate any government protocols. AEW officials felt the distance was more than plenty to ensure the safety of the wrestlers, staff and fans.

The second night of AEW Fyter Fest is reportedly taping later today at Daily’s Place. The show will air on TNT at 8pm(EST) on July 8th.

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