AUDIO: CM Punk Says He’s Rooting For John Cena


CM punk was on WAAF in Boston for a radio interview Monday morning to promote Raw. During the interview he said he’s supporting John Cena over the Rock, as the Rock is just showing up for a payday while the regular roster “busts their ass” all year. When asked about the Rock’s goosebumps last week Punk said, “He’s an actor.”

Punk also was asked about the indy scene today and said, “I don’t think it is what it was 10 years ago.” He noted that he isn’t saying that ROH isn’t necessarily better just because he was there, and that he sees a lot of talent he’d like to see signed to FCW. He also said WWE wants his DVD out by September but he doesn’t think it will be done by then due to his desire to control the contents of the set.

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