AUDIO: Mr. Anderson Talks Aces & 8s, TNA Improvement


Mr. Anderson was recently on 4th and Pain and spoke the NFL Playoffs, TNA and more. Here is the announcement sent out and the audio of the interview…

TNA wrestler Mr. Anderson joins 4th & Pain to talk about the state of company in 2013 and the NFL playoffs.

Before discussions turned to squared circle, Anderson made his Super Bowl predictions and believes the San Francisco 49ers will be hoisting the Lombardi Trophy after defeating the Baltimore Ravens.

He told Adam Carriker and Chuck Carroll a funny story about taping a segment for Impact a couple of weeks ago in which he encouraged his wife to tell her grandmother not to watch the show. He was concerned about them seeing girls sitting in his lap and playing with a beer bottle.

After the segment aired, his wife watched it on the DVR and promptly invited her mother to watch as well. They were none too thrilled!

As for what people can expect out of TNA in 2013, Anderson says a lack of longterm planning has been killing the wrestling business. Now, the company is taking the time to look into the future and develop well thought out story lines and not rush and hustle to create content which will be beneficial for fans.

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